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  1. Pivot by We-Vibe Pivot by We-Vibe
    Pivot by We-Vibe
    Vibrating ring
    A high quality ring that provides clitoral stimulation du...
  2. Gala by We-Vibe Gala by We-Vibe
    Gala by We-Vibe
    Dual-motor clitoral stimulator
    Experience intense targeted stimulation to your sweet s...
  3. Tango by We-Vibe Tango by We-Vibe
    Tango by We-Vibe
    Clitoral mini-vibe
    The most powerful mini-vibe, with pin-point stimulation.
    Not Available
  4. Touch by We-Vibe Touch by We-Vibe
    Touch by We-Vibe
    Clitoral mini-vibe
    Soft and shapely with gentle contours to caress all the r...
  5. Wish by We-Vibe Wish by We-Vibe
    Wish by We-Vibe
    Broad clitoral vibrator
    Sink into the plush power. Experience a new sensation wit...

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Don’t let distance get in the way of your passion.

With We‑Connect there are lots of ways to excite your lover and make it just as intimate as when you are in the same room.

Reasons to We-Connect with Dr. Emily Morse

We-Connect™ is an intimate link between you, your partner and your We-Vibe. Sit down with Dr. Emily Morse as she takes you through the wonders of We-Connect.

We-Vibe Match: The Best for Couples

"The We-Vibe has spawned a thousand imitators, but none of them work quite like the classic."

We-Vibe® Sync™: Best Feminine Pleasure/Health Device

"The vibrator stays in place even when changing positions during sex."
"We-Vibe Sync is one of the best vibrators on the market for playtime together thanks to its mobile control system."
"We-Vibe definitely made sex more interesting—and helped me to have a great orgasm."
"A top-notch solo session should be just as pleasurable as one with a partner—and that's precisely what the Nova delivers."